Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Where are the base pipes? I can hear them but not see them.

The base pipes curl up inside.

The C pipe is attached to the bottom of the presure box.

Making it look great.

I put bees wax on the base pipes to seel them and stop them from going out of tune. I will wait to do this to the other pipes closer to the show.

I mitred moulding round the outside box to make it look neater. This also meant that I could then slide the back in and out using the moulding as a runner.

Sand sand sand. Then varnish to give a good finish.

I covered the back of the peacock front with green felt to hide the fibre glass back.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A good wealth of imformation.

This is a blog which I'm following. Its full of great information check it out:


He's also given many useful tips on this blog not to be over looked.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Drilling holes in your work.

I had to cut holes in my work so that I could screw into it. This was to attach wooden blocks to the back of it.

Test test test.

To test whistles for tuning and air pressure you can cover some holes with tape.

A little short.

I've found that it would be more helpful to have a slightly larger handle so that its easier to pump the organ quicker.

Get a handel on it

I really liked these gramophone handles. So I chose to use them as the handle for my street organ. I had to work out a way to make the chosen handle the right length and attach it to the Organs crank mechanism.
I used this oil to help the drill make a hole in the handle.

After drilling a hole into the handle I could then screw into the crank mechanism and handle so that it would stay in place.